All You Need To Know About YHAI Treks To Join Trekking Programs

Know About YHAI Treks To Join Trekking Programs

YHAI or Youth Hostel Association of India always comes up with trekking camps in the valleys of Himalayas for years now. Many people across the country attend this festival when it is being held. It has been about 48 years since YHAI has been arranging such YHAI treks to the valleys of Himalayas. People get to enjoy cultures, foods, divine beauty and shopping at the place whenever they are visiting.

Know About YHAI Treks To Join Trekking Programs
Know About YHAI Treks To Join Trekking Programs

YHAI trekking is going to complete Silver Jubilee this year for which they have also arranged trekking trips for the families and individuals who are willing to visit the Himalayas once in their lives. It turned out to be a successful strategy for the YHAI to conduct these trekking camps over a period of years.

YHAI comes up with new camping strategies every single year. This year, they are arranging a camp at Leh, and Jammu & Kashmir for all the families. Therefore, there is an opportunity for all the families to visit Leh, J&K at really cheaper costs when it comes to the budget of the trips.

Where To Stay In YHAI Treks?

If you are planning a trip and are opting for YHAI treks, then you shouldn’t be worried about the stay at all. YHAI takes care of the stay for all individuals who are opting for the trek and have proper plans in place. When it comes to accommodation, you can be assured that you are getting a place to stay. For example, this year as they are planning a trekking trip for all the families, the stay has been arranged at the

International Youth Hostel LEH,
Skara, Near Zorawar Fort,
G.H. Road, Skara, Leh-Ladakh, 194101 (J&K).

Know About YHAI Treks To Join Trekking Programs
Know About YHAI Treks To Join Trekking Programs

Likewise, every year, depending on the place the trek is arranged, the YHAI management also organizes the stay. What you need to do is reach the site at the stipulated time so that you don’t miss the fun that you have planned for.

What Are The Things Included In The YHAI treks Programs?

Many things are there in the programs. Some of the important things are-

Any families or individuals who are expecting any other extra services for their convenience have to pay a certain amount of additional charges. Transportation charges are usually paid by participants who are willing to visit any sightseeing places.

Can You Participant?

YHAI Treks are fun to be part of, but they are equally dangerous and risky. Therefore, there are some terms and conditions imposed by the management of YHAI for all the people who have to qualify the below-mentioned conditions to be a part of YHAI treks:

These are some essential criteria and points for you that you need to fill in and complete to be eligible for the trip. Make sure that you book your tickets online so that your names are chosen as part of a FIFO method.

Join this program and enjoy the real adventure.

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