Different Varieties of Hiking Boot Insoles

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The importance of having the right hiking boot insoles cannot be stressed enough. Do not compromise on the quality of hiking boot because you think the hiking boots will be a waste of money. It is important that you get the best out of your hiking experience. So here are the three most important things to consider when buying hiking boots.


Good quality hiking boot insoles will help to reduce fatigue to your feet, legs. If you already have problems with over-pronation (feet landing too far out of the heel, causing ankles to roll in), insoles will help rectify it. Also, helping your feet land properly in a middle area will relieve joint pain in your ankles, legs and feet, and will also provide more stability.

Cushioning And Support

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 The next most important thing to consider in buying hiking boots is the cushioning they offer. A soft midsole will provide more comfort and help to absorb shock and pressure to reduce the chances of soreness or injury in case you fall. A breathable outer sole that is made of breathable material will also work to give your feet plenty of ventilation to avoid moisture, which can lead to blisters and can make your feet very hot. But don’t buy just any insoles – try to get insoles that are specifically designed for your type of hiking boots, because different foot shapes need different cushioning.

Weight Distribution

 You need to take a look at the way the weight is distributed in your hiking boot insoles. The best insoles have a fairly even weight distribution, with little or no heel impact, and the bulk of the weight lies behind the heel, supporting the arches of the foot. This means that you will feel much less pressure on your heels while walking, which will help prevent blisters and lessen the chance of injury. The better quality insoles will have molded foam insoles, which conform to the shape of your foot and help distribute the weight more evenly.

Heel Cup

One more feature to look for when buying hiking boot insoles is the presence of a heel cup. This provides additional support for the arches of the foot by creating a barrier between them and the insole. Some of the better brands such as David Alegeta create insoles with a heel cup made from an advanced foam called SD-4.

Molded Foam Insoles

 If you plan to walk long distances, or plan on using your hiking boots for a lot of hiking, you will want to consider the addition of a molded foam midsole. A molded foam midsole provides extra arch support to help maintain proper posture. It also adds more shock absorption to the midfoot portion of your feet, which helps protect the sensitive nerves located there. Many times this missile will be incorporated into the laces of your hiking boots as well.


Different varieties of insoles are available to choose from. Hiking boot insoles come in several different volumes, which determines how much cushioning, support, and traction they offer. Some of the more popular varieties of insoles are described below.

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