Here Are Some Top Hiking Boot Brands For You To Choose From

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Hiking is an amazing experience that people would love to try at least once in life. Hiking is a great refreshing activity to move away and relax from the hectic scheduled world. Every year lakhs of people go on hiking to some of the best mountains in the world. Hiking needs proper preparation and all the necessary items to carry along the hiking trip. One of those necessary items is hiking boots. Good quality hiking boots are necessary for better grips to uneven surfaces. Below is the list of Top Hiking Boot Brands, which would satisfy people with the amazing quality, resistance, and longevity of the boots. 

La Sportiva 

La Sportiva is an Italian company that manufactures some of the top-notch quality boots among the Top Hiking Boot Brands in the world. The boots of this company are comparatively lightweight and are available for both men & women. The best-selling hiking boots from La Sportiva are the Saber GTX series, Nucleo High II GTX, Pyramid GTX, etc. The prices of these boots range from $170 and go up to $200. The La Sportiva Saber GTX is often seen to be used by hikers for hiking to Mount Everest. These shoes along with great comfort provide good grip and balance to the entire body on the curvy surfaces. 


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Another biggest hiking boot seller in the list of Top Hiking Boot Brands is Salomon. Salomon hiking boots include top-selling and highly rated hiking boots like – Salomon X3 Mid GTX & Quest 4D 3 GTX which are available for $165 and $230 respectively. This seems to be a costly choice but is of excellent quality to invest the money on. Salomon is a French manufacturer whose hiking boot series is highly rated by users for being amazingly comfortable, durable, having good weight, and having good friction towards the rough surface. 


Another hit on the list of Top Hiking Boot Brands is Merrell which is an American company. The top highest selling boots of Merrell are Merrell Moab 2 Mid which is waterproof and even has a budget-friendly price. The boot is available for $135 and comes for both men & women. Many people have rated this shoe for having a great fit, being lightweight, and good comfort but unfortunately, the shoe is not having a good grip or friction to the ground for its usage on the stony rough mountain surfaces. It has small support for the rough areas which is quite an awful point for hiking boots. 


Keen hiking boots are mostly known for providing the public with the best budget-friendly boots. The top-selling boot of Keen is Keen Targhee III which is a waterproof mid. This is just available for $150 and is known to give good grip & affordable comfort under the price range. The boots are available for both men and women. Keen is an American footwear company that provides its own-made Keen Dry membrane to the boots to make it waterproof. But not all affordable Keen hiking boots are waterproof. Keen Targhee Vent Mid is another affordable choice that is available at just $140 with good quality leather but it isn’t waterproof. Hence, Keen provides the best affordable hiking boots among the Top Hiking Boot Brands in the world. 


Lowa is a German boot brand that has been in the race of Top Hiking Boot Brands for a long time. Lowa hiking boots are known for having the finest quality, great comfort cushioning, lightweight, and awesome durability & support to the ground. The top-selling boot from Lowa is Lowa Renegade GTX Mid which is available for both men and women. These are priced around $240 with a polyurethane midsole to give good comfort and better durability. 


These were the top-selling and highly rated hiking boots manufacturing companies. Before buying any hiking boots one must make sure of the comfort, grip, and durability it provides. Mostly for hiking, boots with better grips to the surface are recommended to ease the traveler’s comfort for traveling through the rough hills and also for the traveler’s safety. Buyers must also ensure the good fit of the boots. Happy hiking!

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