Hiking the Cape Hikeway Trail in Oregon

cape lookout hiking

Cape lookout hiking is one of the most popular hiking regions in Oregon. Hiking to the Cape lookout Trail can be a difficult trek for those who have little experience with hiking or for the first time hiker alike. This trailhead is very difficult to get to and is not accessible by automobile. However, a variety of vehicles can be used to access this hiking trail which makes it much easier to get to.

Cape Hikeway Trail in Oregon

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Cape lookout hiking trails are located near the southern most tip of Oregon. The trail begins at the Cape lookout State Historic Site which was created to preserve a section of the Pacific Coast heritage that has been cut off from the rest of the state due to extensive land reclamation projects. You will start your hiking trip off by walking across the Oombulik Waters Trail which travels along the shoreline of Lake To’harman. Just past this point is the Goat Rock Overlook where you will find spectacular views of the bay. Further up this trail you will come to another overlook known as the Brain Knoll where you can see the impressive cliffs of Mount Hood.

Moving away from the historic site we come to the Cape Lookout parking area which is quite a distance from the Cape lookout Trail. Here you will find two primitive campsites which consist of fire rings and a picnic area. This is the only access to the Cape lookout hiking trail so if you are in a group it is a good idea to plan on a partner to hike this trail with you. Hiking this trail is not difficult but does require close attention to detail especially when crossing obstacles such as large creeks or sandbars. Another important reminder to take into consideration when approaching these obstacles is that there are eagles around this beach area and they can often take an interest in your outstretched hands.

Moving away from the cape lookout trail to the true heart of the forest, which is the Point Reyes National Seashore. Here you will find some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see. A well known resident of this area is Gray whales which make an annual migration from their coastal waters to their winter grounds at the southern tip of North America. In fact Gray whales are the most abundant bird species at the SE as well as the second most prevalent bird species. If you want to see this huge bird up close (and you will!) head to the southern portion of the SE shoreline and walk to the highest point you can see until you reach the point where the gray whale emerges from its muddy water.

For a little less rugged hiking you may want to consider the old-growth forest. Old-growth stands out among other coastal forests because it is constantly changing with the tides. You will have the wonderful opportunity to hike to many different islands and even beaches along the cape. The old-growth forest was made by the coastal vegetation that has been growing for millions of years. Hiking this part of the cape gives you a taste of the unique wildlife and history of this area.

Hiking the trail on the Cape Point Hiking Trail gives you the unique chance to view a remarkable group of wild animals. On a clear day you can see a herd of seals chasing the gray whales as they pass along the coast. If you are a hunter, the sea lion or the hawks may be a sight to behold as they hunt from the beach. Hiking this section of the Cape Point Hiking Trail makes a great day trip to the area or a romantic weekend getaway for two. The trails in the area even have an observation deck where you can enjoy a breathtaking vista of the entire coastline of Cape Cod.

Of course, this is not all that you will enjoy on your Cape overlook hiking adventure. The trail also offers you a chance to experience the beautiful views and landscape of the countryside that surround the park. The trails themselves provide you with a challenging trek that is steep in difficulty. However, if you are in shape you can follow the path marked on the map or pick up signs for the most difficult parts of the trail.

Another thing that you will be able to do while enjoying your Cape lookout hiking trips is rafting down the river. The Pacific Northwest is a favorite kayaking destination for many people. And it is quite easy to do this on the Cape Peninsula. There are plenty of rivers in the area and you won’t have to worry about finding a boat to take you down the river. Instead you just strap in and have fun as you float down the calm Pacific Ocean.

End Note

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Cape lookout hiking | trail | area | hiking | hike | perfect} For more information on hiking the Cape overlook trail in Oregon you can contact the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. They will be able to give you more detailed information on the trail as well as give you more area maps and information about how to get to the trailheads and other things to do in the area. This is a perfect destination for a hiking adventure in the Pacific Northwest. The wildlife is amazing and the scenery is simply magnificent. If you are looking for a wilderness experience then you definitely need to plan a trip to the area. You won’t regret it.

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