Hiking Tips For Beginners – Basic Day Hiking Gear You Must Have For Any Trip

basic hiking gear

Although it might seem like getting out into the great outdoors on foot is as simple as popping a pair of shoes on, hiking takes a great deal more planning and consideration than simply purchasing a nice pair of hiking boots. In addition to being one of the most important pieces of outdoor protective gear, hiking shoes also have a great deal to do with keeping your foot warm and dry, which is why they are the secret weapon of protecting your legs from nasty blisters and aching toes. In fact, many people overlook the importance of purchasing a quality pair of hiking shoes. With all of the wonderful styles and designs available, you can easily become confused when trying to decide which pair will be best for you.

The first few things that you need to take with you on any hike are your socks and underwear. Your socks will keep your feet dry and protect them from the abrasions of the ground, while your underwear will keep your skin dry. It is very important that you always wear waterproof socks when going hiking, and it is even more essential that you change your socks several times before you get started. The reason being is that socks absorb the sweat that comes off of your body as you like, and if there is moisture trapped inside of them, it will continue to work against you once you have started hiking. This is why it is so important to purchase a pair of hiking socks that are waterproof. You should also buy an extra pair of socks just in case your own socks get wet.

Basic Hiking Gear

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Another of the basic hiking gear pieces that you should take with you is your hiking boots. While it might not seem important at first, you would be surprised at just how much of a difference it makes when you are walking for an extended period of time. The sole of your boots should be made of a rubber material, which will give you the traction you need without making your feet too cold. Next, you will want to find some sort of a top to put your boots on. Your hiking boots should not only be comfortable but should also fit you well so that they do not make you shiver every time you put them on.

Another important piece of hiking clothing that you should take with you is your waterproof pants. These pants are the most important piece of gear you have ever brought along with you when you went hiking. The reason being is that your pants must be waterproof, which will allow you to stay safe in even the worst situations. Waterproof pants come in two different varieties, and these are the ripstop pants and the waterproof pants. There are other types of waterproof pants that will keep you as warm as your wool tights, but they do not have the added protection of the wool tights.

A Much Ado

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Another piece of hiking gear that you absolutely must take with you is your first aid kit. If you have a dog, he is probably your favorite outdoor companion. He will be there for you whenever you need him, but he will also get sick sometimes, and you will want to be able to use his first aid kit when needed. If you are not sure about where to find your dog’s first aid kit, you can always ask one of his buddies or his handler. Or, if you are really brave, you can buy a first aid kit that includes bandages, cotton balls, and other items. You can also purchase other items you may need for trips such as food, toilet paper rolls, matches, a can opener, and a pocket knife.

Another item in your beginner hiking gear list should be a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is an absolute must-have. Not only is it an economical solution to your sleeping needs, but it will also make those nights much more comfortable. You can choose between a synthetic or a down sleeping bag, and there are many great brands to choose from. Before you purchase a bag, you should make sure to take into consideration the season you plan to go hiking in, and also the climate.

One of the best day hiking tips for beginners is purchasing a quality pair of shoes. Your shoes should offer the maximum amount of support, protection, and traction so you can maximize your comfort level while hiking in the great outdoors. Some of the most popular brands that offer excellent hiking gear are Adidas, Brooks, Mountain Hardware, REI, Vera Bradley, and a host of others. Another thing you will want to consider before purchasing a new pair of shoes is the company the manufactures them. If it is known for producing high-quality products, then it is a good idea to look for it among the list of companies mentioned above.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what some of the more important pieces of gear to have when you start the day hiking, the next step is to shop around for the best prices. To do this, you can visit a new co-op or purchase through an outlet. Another great tip to follow is to look online for reviews and comparisons of products to ensure you get the best price possible. Whatever your choice, remember to bring along extra change for spending on other accessories like sunglasses, bug spray, and other supplies.

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