How Does Campmor Helps You Pick the Best Backpacking Tent

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CAM Pilgrim (new name for Campmor) is the leading manufacturer of recreational camping equipment in the USA. CAM Pilgrim has expanded into many international markets including Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Canada. The company’s online retail site is at cam Pilgrim. The store is located in Paramus, New Jersey and also offers more of what is available online.

Campmor has always been known for the quality of its products and has consistently sold in great numbers all over the country and the world. The quality and variety of camping equipment provided by campmor have helped to make it a popular brand among outdoors enthusiasts. In recent years, campmor has been trying to penetrate the digital market with an internet store offering retail purchases of campmor equipment from other countries. This endeavor is in an early phase, however, as campmor has not yet launched its store on the internet. The company did, however, receive an endorsement from Microsoft when campmor entered into a licensing agreement with the software giant to develop and produce software specifically designed for campmor campers.

An Overview

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Currently, campmor online stores offer tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, sleeping pads, and hammocks. In addition, campmor provides quality outdoor camping supplies such as camping chairs, tables, and lanterns. The camping equipment and supplies provided by the company are also top-notch, with manufacturers like Spy, Kelty, Ozark, and others providing many of the same high-quality products. If you are in the market for a tent, then the site offers many popular brands of tents like the Campmor Ventia and the campmor Marmot. If you need a sleeping bag or a backpack, then you will surely find one that is comfortable, lightweight, water resistant, and affordable.

The extensive line of backpacking tents and accessories makes it easy to find the perfect tent for your backpacking trips. You can select from single, double, queen, king, and patio tents. The tents are available in different colors and features including waterproofing systems and mesh flooring. If you need additional equipment, then the site provides a variety of backpacking gear that includes Coleman, Marmot, REI, Stuff-ware, and other leading brands. As you shop, you will be able to find various discount coupons and free gifts. You may also register your unused items for free shipping and storage at the campmor website.

Another way to get the best deal on your camping gear is by shopping at campmor. You will be able to find many different types and styles of tents as well as accessories including pillows, air mattresses, sleeping bags, ropes, stakes, a variety of first aid kits, and many other handy tools. When looking for a high-end gear at a discount, you will want to make sure to check out the campmor stores, which provide a wide selection of high-end tents, camping gear, and other accessories. You will be able to find all the accessories you need and more at affordable prices.

Best Backpacking Tent

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Campmor offers a wide selection of single wall tents for backpacking trips including dome tents and dome bras with PVC frames. Some of the popular models include the Diamondback Single Wall Tent, Double Wall Twin Tent, Campmor Eiger, Campmor Enlighten, and the Campmor Enigma. The Diamondback is one of the most popular models, as it has a waterproof nylon base and a twin wall that provide stable footing. The twin wall helps provide stability, allowing you to sit up straight in comfort and yet still have room to move around.

Other popular models in the Campmor line are the Campmor Eiger, which has an aluminum frame with a dual-sided canopy, the Campmor Enlighten, which offers an aluminum frame with a full-length zipper for ease of access, the Campmor Marmot, which is a great all-around backpacking tent, the Campmor Enigma, which offers a waterproof nylon/olefin tent with an easy setup design and the Campmor Single Wall Tents. All of these models are well constructed and offer the ability to set up with ease, thanks to the nylon webbing straps. Some models, such as the Diamondback Single Wall Tent, have an integrated valve for use with a water bottle carrier. These models are recommended for backpackers who want a simple setup with plenty of room. Some of the backpacking tents from Campmor, including the Eiger and the Marmot, have an aluminum frame and a full-length zipper, making them easy to set up and take down.

If you plan to purchase a new tent, you should take a few things into consideration. A few things to consider are the degree of weather protection that you need, the size of the area you will be camping in, and how often you plan to camp. For instance, if you regularly back lift heavy objects on your job site, you may want to consider purchasing a freestanding tent, since many models offer great wind protection. However, if you will be backpacking and pitching on a regular basis, a less expensive all-around tent may be just what you need. Many campmor backpacking tents are available at a reasonable price and provide excellent protection from the elements.

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