Top 6 Facts Regarding Ahnu Women Sugarpine Hiking Boot You Must Know

ahnu women's sugarpine hiking boot

The mid-height synthetic hiking boot will prove to be your favorite as it can withhold against rocks and rain and still remain comfortable around the campfire. Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine is comfortable enough to try it out on a hiking trail right out of the box.

It scores high on every category from water-resistance to support you in a long hike. This light but fashionable boot can also be worn when you’re off the trail. Therefore, we have enlisted six categories here for you to decide if Ahnu Sugarpine is the boot for you or not.

Don’t Worry about Comfort and Support

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Comfort: You don’t have to give the boots to break in as they can be used right out of the box. The boots are adjustable to any foot’s width and they can breathe in the hiking boot. Ahnu Sugarpine boots for women can be loosened or laced tightly as well.

The boot is perfect for its adjustability and comfort and as they are for especially women, the heel and the arch have a lot of support too. The height of the ankle goes far enough and with its padding, the boots are very comfortable and supportive.

Support: The stiff sole and the shaft height of the ankle will be supportive enough for you to spend a day on the trail. The shock dispersal plate and the nylon shank respectively in the forefoot and the midfoot combine the stiffness of the sole that protects your soles from bruising on the rocks and also support the bottom of your foot.

Let’s See About Traction and Weight

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Traction: The lug depth and the tread pattern are less aggressive than several other boots which affect the way it performs on loose gravel. However, the Vibram rubber is adequately sticky to secure traction on boulders and slab.

Weight: Although Ahnu Sugarpine feels light, they also feel sufficiently substantial to wear on a day for hiking because of the stiffness of the sole and the support in the heel and arch. The boots are lightweight due to their minimalist tread pattern cut and the synthetic outsides which provide enough support and comfort for a day in the woods.

Must Include Durability and Water-Resistance

Durability: The boots can hold their own in any kind of trail and can sustain all types of tear and wear around campfires. The synthetic uppers can hold up against soot, heat, and dirt and can still look new.

Water-resistance: The Ahnu Sugarpine boots have their own waterproof technology to keep your foot breathing and dry even on longer hikes. The boots work very well in rainy situations like in the Sierra Nevada.

Your feet will be dry even in puddles and stream crossing due to the gusseted tongue that can keep the water out. The eVent liners can regulate the levels of moisture and temperature of your feet.


At just one hundred and forty-five dollars, the boots are comfortable and durable. Though they don’t work very well with weight because of the thin sole and tread pattern, they perform great in wet conditions due to their water-resistance technology.

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